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A vision of a college is an aspirations and the wider impact it aims to create. A mission of college is college's core purpose, focus, and aim. This usually includes a brief description of what the college does and its key objectives. To impart futuristic professional & general education to install high pattern of discipline through our dedicated staff, making our students superior & ethically strong just to improve the quality of life of the human race. To educate students from all over India including those from rural backward area of our country so that they become enlightened individual, improving the standards of their families & society. We are trying our best to provide quality education with character building. The College invites all students irrespective of gender, caste, religion and physical challenges to make a rich and varied community.



Equitable access to quality education, Graduate and Post Graduate studies.Quality education and scholarship are integral to the education process. Service to society and the nation is the university’s obligation and to share the benefits of its knowledge for the public good is its foundational ethic. We aspire to establish a system of quality assurance to improve the teaching-learning process & ultimately develop this institute as a center of Excellence. Here, each individual is encouraged to step beyond the confines of academic and administrative disciplines to explore and intervene in the larger interests of the M.R.M. College.