To my mind, an educational Institute is about building character, developing mind and about enriching experiences that last a lifetime. Life is a series of experiences and learning processes M.R.M. College is no exception. This is where our instruction and beyond learning horizons. M.R.M. College is one of the prestigious colleges in Darbhanga District catering to the higher educational needs of exclusively for women. Our faculty which is highly trained and experienced is our greatest assets. They are dedicated to Research and Teaching. We have highly motivated Technical and Administrative staff. Much remains to be accomplished. We cannot rest on laurels of yesterday; we must have concern for tomorrow’s generation. We have to move and think ahead of our times. With student the Conventional Courses and 10 Post-Graduate Courses, the efforts are directed to accommodate and address the expectations of each student by the L. N. Mithila University. We have rank holders at Board level i.e., XII too. I feel happy when our bright and talented students perform remarkably well. However progress steadily to perform better, marching and moving towards excellence. My endeavor is to see that my college leaves a measurable impact on society at large. I am confident that this year will bring happiness and prosperity to ever member of MRMC Family. I wish all my young students a bright, a prosperous future. May God bless you all!!!

Dr. Vidya Nath Jha

1. Pt. Jagannath Mishra 1958 to 21.08.68
2. Dr. Shishir Kumari Jha 23.08.68 to 30.04.98
3. Dr. Sudama Kumari Tulsiyan 30.04.98 to 13.02.2000
4. Prof. Savita Rani 14.02.2000 to 21.02.2001
5. Dr. Sudama Kumari Tulsiyan 22.02.2001 to 26.02.2002
6. Prof. Savita Rani 27.02.2002 to 31.07.2002
7. Prof. Durga Kumari Jha 31.07.2002 to 31.12.2003
8. Prof. Manjula Sinha 31.12.2003 to 28.02.2009
9. Dr. Vidyanath Jha 01.03.2009 to 03.10.2010
10. Dr. Kameshwar Jha 04.10.2010  to 30.06.2013
11. Dr. Vidya Nath Jha 02.07.2013  to ……………….