Historical evolution of this college Starting with the primary education for girls, which evoked positive responses from the society and encouraged by the even swelling number of admission in the High school, the luminaries and members of Jan Kalyan trust of Darbhanga decided to establish an institution for higher education. Inflow of a number of students encouraged a great administrator and members of the trust to establish an institution for women. Late Pandit Girindra Mohan Mishra, a great jurist administrator as well as one of the conscience keeper of Raj Darbhanga, late Lala Padmanabh Prasad a benevolent personality and a great scholar of philanthropic taste Dr. L. K. Mishra, a great scholar of chemistry, an ideal of genius emollient and amicable nature with high cultural values of Mithila took up this gigantic task and successfully established a tutorial college naming it as Maharani Rameshwari Mahila Tutorial college in 1958, organizing themselves as member of the governing body. Subsequently, Pandit Radha Nandan Jha former speaker and Sri Dwarika Nath Jha a trusty of the Raj darbhanga also involved themselves with the college management. Fortunately Mrs. Kamakhya Devi well known by his pen name Neeraj Renu, who happened to be the first student of this college, rose in her own spirits to become an academic luminary and won Sahitya Academy award in Maithili.

M.R.M. college, Darbhanga is a premier institution of Darbhanga district under “Mithilanchal Region.” it is constituent unit of L.N.M.U. it aims at imparting higher education among women and empowering them with the skills essential for healthy living. It has been registered under 2(f) and 12(b) of U.G.C.

The college is situated in an urban area and has a campus of 09 acres.

This college is imparting education from Inter to Post Graduate level of teaching in the leading subjects of Science and arts and Commerce at degree level. The college is proud to have a library with recently published more than twenty thousand books and journals as well as a well furnished Reading Room as mentioned above providing News Papers and periodicals. Aforementioned details have been provided as humble presentation as part of report before and society and also for posterity with benign claim that the dreams of the founders are being efficient non-teaching staff all dedicated to the quality education for about two thousand +2 students and nearly two thousand Degree students and approximately three hundred PG students.